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Frequently Asked Questions

Participants must apply in teams of 2-3 members only. The first to sign up and register will become the Team Leader who can then invite the other members to join the team. The team leader can invite a maximum of 2 members to be a part of the team. The Registration is complete ONLY when all team members have filled up their registration forms.
The Team leader will also choose a unique Name for the Team.
There are no eligibility criteria for a participant to be a team leader. The first participant to register from the team would be the Team Leader.
A team should not be modified after registration is complete.
Participants are expected to use an online collaboration tool of their choice to work together and attempt this Round. This will be done via screen-sharing by the person who logs into the test.
  • Any one participant from a team may initiate the Round on their Laptop/Desktops and the other participants of that team will need to collaborate using the online collaboration tool as mentioned above. The round has to be attempted through one login only.
  • The team will have to attempt this round in one sitting.
Please feel free to reach out to us at support@mettl.com in case of any queries.
Basis the scores of all participating teams, the top-scoring teams will be shortlisted for the Idea Submission Round on the sole discretion of the RB Management whose decision will be final and binding.
Once you clear the first round, you will be eligible to send us your business plan. We will contact you with the details of the next round.
Yes, RB would be responsible for organizing and paying for the participants’ travel and stay. For international travel to the global finale, you would require relevant documents to be available, such as your passport.
In order to understand our data privacy and data usage norms better, kindly go through the Terms and Conditions before signing up for the program
We are closely monitoring the COVID19 situation in each of the participating markets and will be re-evaluating at each stage of the competition, basis the national and RB-specific guidelines that are operational at that point in time.